What is a Pre-Order?

Pre-orders are a way to claim your spot on a waiting list for any of my existing character Mickey ears to be released after a convention.


How Does It Work?

All the Mickey ears I'm preparing for my next con table can be pre-ordered for $35 + $7 shipping.


 If the original ears posted are not sold at the con, they are yours and ship the following week after the con.


If they are sold, I will make you a new pair in the same style. 1-2 week turnaround.

This is NOT a Custom Order

A custom order is something special— just for you —that I will likely never make again, OR I have never made before and will take extra effort (time) for me to design.


Once I've already made a character, I can confidently offer it for pre-order because I've already sourced the supplies and made patterns/stencils for any handmade elements.

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